Syrian Food

Syrian food is rich in vegetables, grains, fruit, nuts, beans and aromatic spices. The same ingredients are used in different ways in different dishes and blended into an assortment of dishes. Lemons, onion and garlic, as well as mint and parsley are used in vast quantities. Syrian bread (known as pita) is served at most meals and is used to dip into pastes and salads.

In Syrian foods, presentation is everything. Individual hor d’oeurves are stuffed with vegetables, and vegetables are stuffed with meats. Even the most basic dishes are garnished. A typical Syrian meal begins with mezze (Appetizers), a spread of hor d’oeurves, salads and appetizers, as well as an assortment of nuts and pickles. Main meals include meat, chicken or fish, with a vegetable, salad and rice dish. A typical Syrian meal is followed by tea or coffee, platters of fruit and homemade pastries filled with nuts and sweetened with sugar syrup.

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