Pilgrim's Rest And The Blyde Valley

Driving home from Kruger we took the scenic route through the mountains of the beautiful Blyde River Valley and stopped at Pilgrim's Rest. We were surprised by the dense pine forest and mountainous terrain after being in the bush veldt for a week. At times, it looked like Ireland. Other times, Idaho or the Gravevine Pass in California above Los Angeles. It was magnificent! And apparently we are not the only ones who think so. There is a viewpoint called God's Window which overlooks the Blyde River Canyons. Truly awesome and not hyperbole at all.
Pecan lady or as she said, peca-nut

Pilgrim's Rest is a restored gold mining town with quaint buildings from the late 1800's and a thriving craft art business. It looks like it could have come out of the American west.

The locals are very photogenic too!

the non-locals were pretty photogenic too!

This bar was once a Catholic Church!
Ndebele woman beading

Bought some beautiful bracelets!

 Madagascar weaver!

Bought these great silk pillows from the Madagascar weaver!