Name The Cheetah Cub Contest

The American Society of South Africa - Johannesburg is adopting a cheetah cub from the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre! And we are having a contest to name the newborn cub. First you buy a raffle ticket - with the proceeds going to pay for the adoption - and then you get to enter a name for the "Name the Cheetah Cub Contest."
Chester Cheetah
When I asked Vince for a name suggestion for the first raffle ticket I bought, he said, "It's got be Chester Cheetah!" So we entered Chester Cheetah. 

Then I found out our cheetah cub is a girl. So we changed our entry to  ...
Charlize Theron Last week at another fundraiser, I bought a second raffle ticket and entered another name ...

Honey WestThe name will be chosen at the ASSA Thanksgiving event at the end of  November. Stay tuned!