Marathoner Raises Money To Benefit People Living With Lupus

Wanted to give a shout out to Brian in Michigan. Brian writes a blog called Four Paws, Three Wheels, 2 Legs, One Cause.

Brian is a runner. A runner who knows a lot of people who are living with lupus. So he decided to help.

On behalf of the Lupus Foundation of America, Brian completed a 50 mile ultra-marathon in Michigan on September 15, finishing in 28th place out of 66 participants. To date he has raised more than $4,300. Brian will continue to accept donations on his site thru October 15.

Definitely check out his blog. Look at his pictures. If you’re able to, support his efforts. And if nothing else, learn more about Brian and why he decided to help those who are living with lupus.

The Lupus Foundation of America appreciates your efforts, Brian.

Until next time,