Lots Of Help!

Joey and I have received a lot of help from family and friends as we have begun the process of renovating the house. This past weekend we had a crew of people doing a variety of things. In the previous post, I showed my mom helping with the tedious project of scraping wallpaper, here are some other projects that got done as well!

Grandad helped with trimming all our hedges (or bushes or whatever you call them). They were in desperate need of some pruning!

Grandma helped with painting some of the drawers from our built-ins. Although, the paint we bought didn't work so well. After the 1st coat dried, it almost looked like nothing had even been painted. And the paint had sort of an Elmer's Glue consistency. Not sure if the wood drawers soaked it all up or if the paint we bought wasn't mixed right. So, we have to look into that before applying a second coat of paint.

Dad got started on painting the trim, windows, and doors in our bedroom. Most of the trim in the house (except the Living Room, Den, and Dining Room) has an ashy-grey colored stain on it. UGLY. So, we're painting it a nice crisp white. Sooo much brighter and up-to-date looking. And if there is 1 room in the house we want completed when we move in, it's our bedroom. We're going to need a nice, relaxing, finished room to calm our minds at the end of the crazy day.

We got more help last night too!

Chelsea and I worked upstairs in the full bathroom stripping wallpaper off the walls and ceiling. This was a piece of cake compared to the other walls:
A. The plaster walls had been replaced with DRYWALL sometime recently.
B. The wallpaper had not been on the walls/ceiling for very long.

We got most of it done, save the ceiling.

Danny and Joey worked on stripping more of the awful wallpaper in the downstairs hallway. We rented a steamer to make the job "easier". It was a very old steamer. And I'm not sure it really did all that it was supposed to. Chelsea and I kept hearing phrases like...

"Ow. It dripped on me."
"This is boiling hot!"
"I wish the rapture would happen right about now."

...coming out of they mouths. Hilarious!

And Joey and his dad also did some electrical work in the kitchen - adding outlets and light switches, running wires etc. Glad they know what they're doing (hopefully)!

Thanks to everyone for all your help!

And now, back to wallpaper stripping...