Donna S. Wallace, Clay & Jewelry Artist, Tells Her Story

My name is Donna S. Wallace and I am an artist, dreamer and creator of Dream Sister Studio. I have loved art since childhood, and have fond memories of visiting the National Gallery of Art on field trips in school. I wanted to surround myself in art, dance in the fountains and beautiful gardens, and then wish for everything to come alive!

Magic exists in nature. I have always been drawn into the mystical realms of the natural world. It speaks to me. Everything in nature is a work of art, waiting to be replicated in some form, speaking to those who will listen. I listen. I have been fascinated with stones, crystals, anything sparkly and making mudpies since childhood.

Discovering sculpture in high school was amazing for me. In a world where I never quite fit in, there is solace in creating art with clay - in becoming one with the earth. Time stands still.

I went on to art school at Virginia Commonwealth University and loved it. However, my boyfriend didn't like my being away from home so he monopolized all of my weekends and I couldn't keep up with the assignments. To save myself, I changed my major... and my boyfriend! Thoughts of saving the world preceded the humiliation of giving up on being a famous sculptor. Sigh, my biggest regret is not continuing on in art school.

I have worked many jobs over many years, only to discover that all I have ever wanted to do in this life is create art. When I started making jewelry I used clay, stones and natural objects. They were put together as talismans, medicine shields, or simply to bring healing energy to others. 
I used Reiki energy to infuse each piece, then hand-painted or carved small pieces of clay and assembled them as pendants, pins or earrings. They took many hours and many stages of producing, while like so many of us, I worked full-time to follow my spiritual journey.

In the mid 90's my right retina detached, making it difficult to see details when painting jewelry so I had to put that aside for several years. However, my calling to work with clay was always there, so I decided to create larger pieces for wall hangings that represented nature. I am constantly inspired by the intricate beauty of leaves, trees, dragonflies, the way sea shells weather and how rocks sit as sentinels with all their ancient wisdom. The earth is a huge shopping center with infinite possibilities.

I created Dream Sister Studio to represent all the sisters throughout every culture. They inspire us to dance to our own music, have faith in our purpose and know that each small kindness can change the world. That is why I create art – to inspire others and share my love of earth's natural and spiritual realms.
My eyesight is much better now and I create my jewelry with gemstones, crystal, glass and wire. Each stone has its own properties and is twisted with purpose, to work in harmony while melding colors to evoke a healing experience for the wearer. I have studied these properties, as well as energy healing, for many years.

My dream is to have a larger studio and expand my clay work to stoneware. I would love to create larger, more sculptural pieces (in a bigger house with a bigger kiln). My vision is huge and amazing and I am only limited by space and time. I hope to take more classes soon in ceramics, metal clay and design.
I will continue to create ceramic art and gemstone jewelry for healing and inspiration and am thinking of teaching or creating a movement to use art for self-actualization.
In the meantime...blessings to all on their creative journeys! Dream sister .... dream.

This is Week 25 of 52 Artists in 52 Weeks. Thank you for reading and sharing Donna’s story today! To see more of her work, visit the wonderful boutique, On the Wings of Dreams in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, or email her at either of the following emails: [email protected],
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