Could I Have Lupus? Awareness Campaign Is # 1 For Outdoor Donated Media Dollars In Q2 2009!

We are excited to share with you the final donated and earned media results for Q2 2009 for the Could I Have Lupus? Awareness campaign.

The campaign received $9,311,000 in total donated media support and $597,800 in earned media support (public relations) in Q2 2009.

To put these numbers into context, the average Ad Council campaign receives an estimated 7 million dollars in donated media per quarter, so this campaign is skewing above average with our total donated media dollars.

Also we are pleased to report that this campaign ranked in the top ten of 50 Ad Council campaigns in Q2 2009 in a few of the categories. Most notably was that we were number 1 for Outdoor Donated Media Dollars!

Thanks to everyone who has participated in outreach efforts to secure media placements for this campaign. Let’s keep the momentum going!