Area Rug Re-Purposing

Anybody wonder what we did with that area rug we removed from our living room recently due to purchasing a new rug? (If you missed that post, click here.)

I knew I wanted to re-purpose this rug in a different room in the house. I just had to decide which room. I tried it out in the den (right next to the living room) and didn't like it. So, I decided it would best be used in the guest room upstairs.

The guest room currently has hardwood floors (which desperately need to be refinished) and needed something on the floor to provide warmth and comfort under our guests' feet.

The tan color of the rug would actually match the bed skirt nicely and provide a neutral balance to all the blues in the room.

And here's what the room looks like with rug down. It adds great texture to the space.

The rug is not large enough to go completely under the bed. But I adjusted it so there was some rug on the sides of the bed and quite a bit at the foot of the bed (where guests would stand to pull stuff out of suitcases, change their clothes etc).

Nice difference, no?

Switching around items in your home freshens up rooms and makes things look new (even if you're using old stuff). And the best part is that it's FREE!